Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Miss Katie Bug

This is Katie or the Bugger as we call her. Sleeping is her hobby as is eating. She also loves to try and dig up moles and has managed to catch and kill one. She likes to pretend she is a tough girl but she has a very loving heart and even takes care of you when you are sick.
We adopted Katie in June of 2006 from SW MO K9's. She had been found wandering the streets of Springfield MO and was pregnant. She had a litter of six and I am happy to say that all of them found wonderful homes. When we did a sleepover with her, she was so well behaved and we fell in love so quickly with her it was hard to let her go back so the rescue group could have her fixed.
Katie is queen of the house and our hearts. She enjoys being in her yard, walks and lots of rides please! I do sometimes tell her I am gonna pinch her pointies (ears) if she doesn't behave, but mostly she is a very good girl. You can visit SW MO K9's by clicking on their name in the link.

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