Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not a fun week!

I did not plan to be so long in making a post but it has been a rough week.  Bennie developed a cough a couple days after arriving home but didn't seem a big deal as it was never really bad and he got over it in a few days.  So when Katie developed the same cough a week later, we were not overly concerned as it didn't really seem to bother her either.  Then Sunday morning she seemed worse so we knew a trip to the vet was in order.  But she was getting a lot sicker really quickly and we put in a call to the vet.  Of all weekends for him to be swamped.  He suggested things for us to do to help her through the night and she was taken in first thing Monday morning.  We honestly didn't know if she would survive the night that is how bad it was.  Turned out she has bronchial pneumonia and she is a really sick girl.  Jack came home with 4 medicines for which she hates.
Bennie taking a break from caring for his sister

It's hard to see Katie struggle to breathe.

Still caring for his sister
Bennie has been so attentive to his sister and so affectionate with her.  She is thoroughly kissed many times a day and most times he sticks pretty close to her.  While she is a bit better now, she is still not eating so I am taking peanut butter and thinning it down with syrup and water and giving it to her in a syringe.  So that is our week.  I leave you with a video of Katie and Bennie

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