Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, the boys insist!

LOL!  Really they do insist I keep and start posting again on this blog.  They say there are still many lessons to learn and I should do this in honor of Katie.  So I will.  Now to tell you who the boys are and introduce you too them.

Mr. Stubbs aka Stubbster is the black one and Snickers aka Snicks is the red one. We adopted them last Friday. They are both 5 years old. They were adopted as babies by their mom and dad. Then tragically their dad died. Mom remarried last year and tragedy again. Only this time tragedy for the boys. Their mom's new husband wanted them gone, so they were taken to the humane society in Pittsburgh Kansas. Sadly although only 5 years old, people consider dogs that age as "old" which is silly. And a lot of people do not want to adopt 2 dogs which is again, silly! they tried adopting Stubbster out which failed. No surprise there! After 5 years together they are closer than close.
The good people at the shelter took them for walks, let them play outside and as you can see, spoiled them with food. Stubbs was more depressed and not eating much but as you can see, Snicks, ate more than enough! They really did try to cheer their lives since they had been there so long. If you know anything at all about doxies they become very attached to their people. So, I was missing Katie extra and browsing thru petfinder looking at the babies. I came across their picture and story and since Snicks looks a lot like our Bubba did I sent Jack the picture. He fell in love and so after a few days talking he ended up calling about them.
Normally adoptions are $55 but since we shocked them by wanting them both, they lowered it to $40 each. So here we all are! They are wonderful dogs, house brokened and wonderful manners. The past is a bad memory and we look forward to however many years, God sees fit to give us with them.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, I'm so happy that you are keeping up your blog...there are always lessons to learn in life and every dog teaches us a different one - if we are willing to listen to what they tell our hearts. Your friend, Carolyn